One Team, One Vision.

QuadraMed® is a leading provider of award-winning healthcare software and services that improve the safety, quality, and efficiency of patient care. Founded in 1993, QuadraMed provides proven, flexible solutions that help make our clients successful by streamlining processes, increasing productivity, and driving positive clinical outcomes. Behind the company’s products and services is a staff of professionals who support our clients at healthcare provider facilities.

Welcome to QuadraMed Careers!

It is an exciting time to be a member of the QuadraMed team as we help our hospital and health system clients make healthcare safer and more efficient! By connecting and integrating people, process, and technology across the health system, we provide innovative solutions that improve the quality of care and patient safety while helping our clients ensure their financial viability.

Why should you join our team?

  • We are uniquely positioned as an industry-recognized leader in several key healthcare information technology market segments. We have a compelling vision with proven, award winning products and comprehensive services. By becoming a valued member of the QuadraMed team, you will play an integral role in our client and company success.
  • We are big enough to be secure and stable, yet small enough to move fast in order to support our clients and employees. We are able to offer a wide range of career paths and we believe that with ongoing career development and training a career in Healthcare IT will offer you rewarding growth opportunities, both professionally and personally.

QuadraMed is a division of Harris Computer Systems. See all Harris open positions here.